Esoteric News Briefs – Episode 5 – Secrets of the Supernatural, Alien Radio, Viking Temples, and Overclocking Your Crystals


Not every publication can be a winner, and in this episode, I found one of the worst! Once we get done with that pile of hot garbage, I get into better alternatives. Beyond that we have Alien Radio, the world of “New” Rituals, a newly found viking era temple, and a crystal that may be a component in computers of the future!


Secrets of the Supernatural” - National Geographic, 2020:


Want to Talk to Aliens? Try Changing the Technological Channel beyond Radio” by Adam Mann:


PHOTOS: How The World Is Reinventing Rituals” by NPR:


Sensational Find of Pagan Temple Remains in Norway” by David Nikel:


A Strange New Magnetoelectric Effect Has Been Discovered in a Symmetrical Crystal” by David Nield:


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