The Esoteric Book Club

Esoteric News Briefs - Episode 2.8 - 16th Century Black Mirror, Football Sorcery, and Ancient Dick Temples

November 4, 2021



I think the title is teaser enough! Let's jump right in!


Runes Found on Seventh-Century Cow Bone Could Change Slavic History”, by David Kindy:


Muti, Juju & 'Witchcraft' in African football – Goalpedia“, by Shina Oludare:


Parliament must pass laws against witchcraft accusations – Researcher” by


Team takes steps toward historic United Nations Resolution to stamp out witchcraft atrocities”, by Lancaster University:


The oldest known tattoo tools were found at an ancient Tennessee site”, by Bruce Bower:


Scientists Have Found the Earliest Evidence of Leather Clothes”, by Hakim Bishara:


John Dee’s spirit mirror has Aztec origins”, by Heritage Daily:


In tree rings and radioactive carbon, signs of the Vikings in North America”, by Tom Metcalfe:


Rich medieval hipster was buried with his fancy beard comb”, by Mindy Weisberger:


Human head carvings and phallus-shaped pillars discovered at 11,000-year-old site in Turkey”, by Owen Jarus:


Scientists convert plastic waste into vanilla flavoring”, by Yasemin Saplakoglu:


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