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Esoteric News Briefs - Episode 2.7 - Ghost Tracks, Opalised Amber, and Snake-Venom Bandages

October 6, 2021

On this edition of the Esoteric News Briefs we look at archaeology, paleontology, and some stuff that's just plain weird!


New fossils of giant rhinos — the largest land mammals ever — are found in China”:

Gigantic 'shark-toothed' dinosaur discovered in Uzbekistan”:

Fossilized Insect Discovered Not in Amber, But in Opal”:

Girl buried with finch in her mouth puzzles archaeologists”:

Fossil footprints show humans in North America more than 21,000 years ago”:

Ice age kids squished hands in mud. Are fossilized prints some of worlds oldest art?”:

Life-Sized Camel Sculptures in Saudi Arabia Are Older Than Stonhenge, Pyramids of Giza”:

Mexican Archaeologists Forced to Bury an Unusual Discovery Made in Old Aztec Capital.”:

This Weirdly Smart, Creeping Slime is Redefining Our Understanding of Intelligence”:

Bizarre Deep-Sea Creature Bristling with Teeth is 'Totally Unique', Scientist says”:

Police Break up Exorcism at Pa. Home Depot”:

Mysterious Mineral Only Ever Seen in Meteorites Inexplicably Found by the Dead Sea”:

Snake-Venom 'Super Glue' Can Stop Wounds Bleeding in Seconds with a Flash of Light”:


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